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Nobody in the world should go to bed on an empty stomach.

Feed the Nations

Food to Hungry Families

For the same price as the cost of Starbucks coffee, you can make a big difference for many hungry families and bring smiles to their faces.

Feed the Nations

Shoes for Students

Millions of children trek for miles every day due to lack of shoes that cost as little as $2, these children are exposed to enormous dangers.

Feed the Nations

Medical Help

W.H.O African region indicates that children under age 5 accounted for an estimated 80% of all malaria deaths, and this could have been avoided with a mosquito net.

Feed the Nations

Scholarship Grants

In many third-world countries, young people are forced out of school to seek survival because they cannot afford the cost of education. You can help to make a difference.

Feed the Nations

Children are starving
due to lack of food

The Mission


There are no adequate words to describe the level of hunger and degradation which exists in many parts of the world where Feed The Nations is currently doing on ground missions of feeding hungry families especially children, providing shoes for impoverished students who have to trek many miles to school every day because their parents can’t afford to buy them shoes.

Yes We Can

It is our vision to feed every hungry child and family on the surface of the earth, one state, country, and continent at a time, Yes we can!

Much More Than Food

Feed the Nations goes beyond filling an empty stomach. We are filling up their emotions and bringing hope to the desolate.

Their Smile, Our Rewards

Just seeing the bright smile on their faces is more than enough for us as an organization. You too can put a smile on someone's face.

Our Partners

We are feeding families

Feed the Nation Campaigns




Our mission is to provide food, education, and the basic needs of life to anyone and everyone who are unable to provide it for themselves

To make sure that nobody in the world goes to bed on an empty stomach or lacks education and to inspire the world to share this belief.

Service Beyond Self

We believe in feeding the people first, before anything else


Feed the Nations emanated from a heart of empathy and we shall continue with that heart.

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Why We Need You

You can help us spend less on human labor and more on feeding people. Kindly fill the form below to volunteer.

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Our volunteers are one of the most important parts of what we do. Here are some of them.

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